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About KnowledgeWorks

About KnowledgeWorks

What we do

Set up in 2001, we work with businesses which are looking to expand into new markets or new product areas, and help them to understand whether or not there’s potential for their business in this new space.

Over the last 17 years the research we do has saved businesses from costly mistakes, pointed out previously unseen opportunities, or sometimes simply validated the business owner’s assumptions.

Companies looking to export must understand the level of potential in a new EU market and this is something most companies are ill equipped to research and understand, yet this can be a key factor for them in deciding how to tackle Brexit, in moving away from their core UK export market.

Recently we’ve worked with more and more companies who are forced to look beyond Britain for export growth, and helped them to understand which EU market holds most potential for them. Areas we typically look at are the local competitive environment, customer segment analysis, local market size and forecasts for growth, and any industry or regulatory trends that could impact my client.

The KnowledgeWorks Team

Roisin Bell

Lead research consultant at KnowledgeWorks, Roisin Bell has fifteen years’ experience as a consultant and as a successful entrepreneur. Roisin set up KnowledgeWorks in 2001, and won the Mallin Invent Start-Up of the Year in 2003. Roisin’s experience is across a wide range of business sectors, but always centres around delivering sound market intelligence which will allow the client business to strategise in full understanding of the market in which they are operating.

As a Business Growth Advisor with the Exporter Development Department at Enterprise Ireland Roisin works with the client company, on behalf of Enterprise Ireland, to identify ways to help them grow their export business. The Business Growth Advisor Programme helps companies who are seeking to develop new products and explore opportunities for their entry into global markets.

BGA Advisors have a proven track record of achievement in helping companies to identify an innovation and development agenda and Roisin specialises in researching new markets for growth, particularly in light of Brexit and the need for exporting businesses to look beyond Britain to new EU markets.

Roisin’s first degree is in French and European Studies from the University of Ulster, and her master’s degree is in Information Studies from the University of Wales.


Geraldine Dowling

Geraldine is a highly motivated Research & Customer insights professional with a passion for research & delivering actionable insights.  Geraldine has worked in the area of research for over 20 years and is highly proficient in both primary and secondary research methodologies.   Geraldine was the market research and customer insight lead with Hewlett Packard Ireland  for the last 10 years, where she had responsibility for the design and implementation of market assessments.  Core to her role was the assessment of new business models where she delivered timely, high-quality strategic customer, competitor and market intelligence to support business decision making and strategic planning.  Prior to joining Hewlett Packard, Geraldine was a Director at Research Solutions where she managed several key accounts including, An Bord Bia, Coca-Cola, Lyons Tea, Georgia Pacific, Vodafone and Luas (Veoila).

Geraldine’s primary qualification is in marketing and management and she is currently studying for a master’s in business practices (IMI/UCC).

Engage with KnowledgeWorks

First step is to contact us to discuss your brief. We will then put together a proposal which will outline our approach, what you should expect in the research findings, and the associated days required and cost. Contact us to find out more.