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Competitor Analysis

You must understand exactly what your customers are being offered from other market players in order to validate the opportunity that exists for you. Leaving no stone unturned, we will ask questions such as:

  • What direct competitors exist in your market? Do they offer your product/service, or something similar?
  • What indirect competitors exist, i.e. those offering elements of your product or service, and who could expand their offering to compete with you? How long have they been established in this market and is their brand and client list enough to threaten you?
  • What peripheral competitors exist, e.g. in a different market, but with a similar product? Could they migrate easily to your market, by simply rebranding their offering?

We will provide indepth profiles, with detailed matrices of product features and pricing. We will drill into the company annual report, trade press interviews, their sales material and the backgrounds of their key executives to reveal the level of threat they pose.

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